nick drake

Nick Drake... a conversation with The Bluegrass Situation

Last week I talked with Kelly McCartney at The Bluegrass Situation for an interview series they call Squared Roots, a conversation that looks at one specific influencer in an artist's work. 

Over the last few months I've listened to a lot of Nick Drake and been blown away by him again and again. So I dug a little deeper and talked with her about his influence on my playing and writing. Below is the intro excerpt but the whole interview can be found here.

This is my newfound city escape...

After a busy summer, full airplanes, and van time and festivals and sunshine, I am finally back home in Brooklyn. Just in time for a northeast autumn. Rarely have I been in the city in long enough stints to feel an urge for disciplined escape from the “ island of gneiss and concrete and glass" as Olivia Laing describes it.