Anti-Heroine Chic Releases 'Poems From the Way'


The folks over at Anti-Heroine Chic just released a collection of poems from the first 6 days of my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago this spring. The first two are below and you can find the collection here





april 4. beginning

breakfast is served
i wake from full sleep to
coffee, tea, water?
watched manchester by the sea
was told it was a real cryer
lost one tear &  thought

what if i walk
but don't feel a thing
is this what i’m most afraid of?

a red line drawn across the sky
grows wider
blurring at the edge

the packing
the practice walking
the lists & the lists
& the goodbyes
the words of advice
the closing my apartment door
the leaving
the boarding
this feeling everything but real

so  my hope  so my fear

may  i be woken
woken enough to be taken by it all