OneBeat Tour + Workshop Dates

The last two weeks I have been working as a fellow with OneBeat, a collaboration project of 25 musicians from 17 countries. The mission of the project is to explore how the arts can renew and restore perspectives, spaces, and societies. Thus far, it has proven to be on of the most mind-opening and inspiring creative experiences of my life.

Last night was our very first show. We had our Sisters, OR audience up and dancing like I've never seen! All of that to say... come be with us if we're anywhere near you, it is a treat to witness all of these musicians from around the world playing together. I feel lucky to be a part of it!


One of the artists I have really enjoyed collaborating with is Mehdi Qamoun from Morocco. Here is a beautiful gnawa-inspired song, played on the Caldera Arts Cente ridge trail at sunset. The moment was filmed by Souki Mehdaou and edited by Jacob Blumberg.