Bourgeois Guitars

I have been using Bourgeois guitars for six years now. Dana builds stunning guitars and it is an honor to play them. He is continually expanding upon his luthier process which an inspiration. 


Lawrence Smart Guitars

Lawrence Smart primarily builds mandolins, and gorgeous ones at that, so I was intrigued when I first saw his archtop guitar. I played it and fell in love instantly. The craftsmanship alone is jaw-dropping, but the guitar made me play differently, made me approach it differently, which is what I was really drawn to.


D'Addario Strings

D'Addario makes a consistent and reliable string. The EJ 17's are usually my string of choice, unless I'm in a very humid environment, in which case I'll throw on a set of the coated EXP 17s.


Blue Chip Picks 

Michael Goins over at Blue Chip Picks has mastered the flatpick. I rotate what I like to use, from time to time, but the TP50 pick is always on me.


Hoffee Cases

I have traveled through 49 states and 40 countries with my trusty Hoffee Cases. They're fiberglass, which makes them lightweight (for a flight case) and they are sturdy. Not to mention beautiful canvases for all sorts of funky stickers.